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I spend most of my time filling orders, but occasionally I build gear to sell here.    If you are interested in anything listed you can contact me at (801) 691-8690, or  Also take a look on facebook at Crams Custom Saddlery to stay posted.

16" Light Weight Wade

This is the fairly basic wade saddle that we build.  This saddle is built from top quality materials with a style and constructions to other saddles on the market selling for $3500 or more. Following is a list of particular specs for this rig:



-rawhide covered wood tree

- timberline wade from Timberline Saddle Tree Co.

-16" seat

-arizona  bars

-6" gullet (semi quarterhorse)

-5" x 12 1/2" cantle

-3 1/4" horn, 3" cap



-top grade Hermann Oak skirting

- 10 oz. H. O. 1 3/4" X 72" latigos

-6 oz. 1/2" saddle H.O. saddle strings

-100% natural bark tan 1" shearling



-floral stainless steel from Horseshoe Brand Hardware

-Blevins buckles

-4" stainless monel stirrups


-Scale pattern tooling with serpentine border

-Floral carved cantle back and horn cap

-100% neatsfoot oil


-round skirts

-18" fenders

-twisted stirrup leathers

-7/8 inskirt rigging

-breastcollar dees

-latigo and rear cinch hangers

-mule hide wrapped horn

-5/8" rope strap 

-regular cantle binding

-24" billets

-3.5" rear cinch


-35 lbs.

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