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About the Maker

Brady was born in southern Utah in the fall of 1984 but since his childhood he has called the quiet countryside of Star Valley, Wyoming home. Its boundless natural beauty and abundance of artistic expression proved to be a rich environment for a budding craftsman.  From the back of a horse he would explore the remoteness of its mountains, valley's, and woods; enriching the soil from which his own creative endeavors would grow. 

From an early age, Brady developed a strong bond with the horse. This bond would eventually lead him to the philosophies of the Dorrance brothers and other great horsemen who follow their path.  Through his journey to develop true horsemanship, he couldn't help but realize the value of quality tack.  This realization first introduced him to the art of saddle making.


As a young man Brady found the opportunity to apprentice as a cabinet and furniture maker where he began to develop his eye for quality and an appreciation for the mastery of a trade.

Later while pursuing a college education he began to build his own leather gear and earned a small income selling various pieces.  Eventually he gained the confidence and determination it would take to start his own business.  Rather than wait for a chance to again walk the road of an apprentice, he started building saddles in his own shop, seeking the critiques of many established in the trade.  Brady believes that the ability to create and innovate comes not from a single moment of inspiration, but arrives gradually through practice the accumulation of inspiring moments . The list of people who deserve credit for inspiring and guiding his work is long and ever growing. It consists of individuals both in and out of the trade, many of whom may never know their influence. 

Over the years Crams Custom Saddlery has grown steadily while Brady's focus has been on honing his craft, developing a portfolio of his work, and building an ideal work space.  At this stage of his career he remains more concerned with the quality of his brand than its price tag and spends the majority of his time creating the ideal saddle for each client.  As scheduling permits he continues to build a variety of high end items by request.  Outside the saddle shop he is sure to make the time to work a few new horses every summer and enjoy frequent trips into the backcountry.